About Us

What is operation Ho, Ho, Ho…..

Operation Ho, Ho, Ho is a toy drive that we hold every December to help bring smiles to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch during the holiday season as a member of their family fights to see their next Christmas.

Since 1997, the Operation Ho, Ho, Ho elves have been hard at work continually growing this simple concept of collecting unwrapped toys at their work, among their various social organizations, and during their holiday parties. The idea of bringing smiles to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House started with a simple idea of including a note about the toy drive in holiday cards that were sent out to customers of the former Hansch Landscaping and collecting all of the gifts by the night of a large holiday celebration held by the elves.

Additionally, for years the elves inevitably received gifts from their family and friends that came to their holiday celebrations. Though the bottles of wine and trinkets were greatly appreciated, the elves decided to include a simple little note in their invitation to instead bring an unwrapped toy to bring a smile to a unknowing toddler’s face…

How can you help?

Please spread the word about Operation Ho, Ho, Ho and we are always looking for new elves to join the sleigh to collect even more toys every year. Please give us a call/email with any questions you may have or with ideas on how we can continue to expand this idea to continually ensure that we bring a little holiday cheer to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald house.

Old City Bar (TSO)…

If you want to arrange it

This world, you can change it

If we could somehow

Make this Christmas thing last

By helping a neighbor

Or even a stranger

To know who needs help,

You need only just ask

Our Mission

Operation Ho Ho Ho uses a simple philosophy to spread the smiles to the children and families of the Ronald McDonald House on Christmas by collecting unwrapped gifts at various events during the holidays

Our Vision

Sharing the smiles, one gift at a time…

Our Values

BELIEVE | Keep It Simple | Have Fun | Build With Heart and Balance | Spread the Cheer | Be the Change You Seek

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